Martin Suppan (1943 - 2020)

Martin Suppan founded the gallery in 1974 and has dedicated himself to art ever since. From the beginning, his focus was on Austrian mood impressionism and classical modernism. From the year 2000, he started not only to showcase established contemporary artists, but also to present and promote young artists on the art market.

His main premise was to ensure the sustainability of artistic creation on the art market. This was achieved through his more than 50 publications, which he published in-house, often in close collaboration with art historians and experts. Associated with this was his intensive examination of the rediscovery and reappraisal of Austrian artists as well as the administration of artists' estates and archives. In addition, Martin Suppan has presented his program in over 200 solo and group exhibitions in gallery locations as well as at national and international art fairs, in museums and other institutions since the year of its founding. He always worked closely with museums and collectors, on the one hand to support their exhibitions on loan, but also to place special works and important artists there.

Martin Suppan was not only a visionary and perfectionist, but also a great pioneer in his industry. He was one of the first austrian art dealers to travel to the United States in the early 1980s to bring works by emigrated artists back to Austria and to dedicate them exhibitions and publications. He was also one of the first traditional art dealers to recognize the trend towards contemporary art and to specialize in it with its own location. Most recently, he recognized the developments in the digital art market early enough and, together with his son Sebastian, founded the first online shop for art in Austria (ARTRIUM).

At this point, we can assure you that our family business will continue with new, ambitious visions in memory of Martin Suppan and in his spirit. Exciting exhibitions and artist presentations will continue to await you, both in our galleries and at national and international art fairs.

Dr. Claudia Suppan & Sebastian Suppan MA