Florentina Pakosta

Florentina Pakosta (* 1933 in Vienna) is an Austrian painter and graphic artist. Pakosta studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and completed study visits to Paris, Prague and Amsterdam. In 1978, she was a board member of the Secession and organized the women's art exhibition "Secessionistinnen". She received the Prize of the City of Vienna for Fine Arts in 1984. Her work spans over drawings from the 1960s, where she explores the type of masculine power figure. In these socially critical works, in which she portrays her view of a male-dominated public, Florentina Pakosta proves to be one of the most important feminist artists in Austria. In the 1980s she created works on the subject of serial mass objects (mass still life) and after that she gave up any objectivity and worked out the "Tricolor pictures" with a constructivist character.

Suppan Fine Arts has organized two important exhibitions, “Heads” (2002) and “Trikolore Bilder” (2008).

In 2004 her works were exhibited at the Albertina, in 2011 her retrospective took place at the Leopold Museum and another retrospective at the Albertina Museum will take place in May 2018.

Pakosta’s works are part of several public and private museum collections including the Albertina Museum, Vienna; Leopold Museum, Vienna; Belvedere Museum, Vienna; Essl Museum, Vienna; Mumok Museum, Vienna; Museum der Moderne, Salzburg; Musa Museum, Vienna; Sprengel Museum, Hannover and more.


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