Karo Kuchar’s conceptual work is based on the idea of a symbiosis between body and space, and focuses on the various concepts of the skin as a shell or cover, as well as the body as an architectural structure. She critically examines history, society, legal aspects of art and the economic market, as well as feminism.

Her so called skins made out of fabric capture the imprint of walls in old buildings and the appearance of female garment, erecting a structure with an ambivalent form. Bikinis and bathing suits are her primary subjects, symbolizing empowerment. They are fashion items, which trigger intuitively an association with the female body. In the 1950s, when bikinis were introduced to the Paris fashion market, it was scandalous. Today, it has become indispensable in most parts of the world and is the last piece of fabric covering the female body in public space. In her latest series, Tinder Boys, smart phones are serving as a layer to isolate but also to connect with each other in the outside world, an instrument that allows us to transform and escape from reality.