Hans Staudacher

Hans Staudacher (born 1923 in St. Urban, Carinthia; † january 2021 in Vienna) was an Austrian painter and a prominent representative of Tachism and Action Painting.

After attending the Staatsgewerbeschule in Villach, Staudacher pursued a self-taught education. In 1950/51, he moved to Vienna. During that time, he created flatly constructive figurations. In the mid-1950s and early 1960s, Staudacher spent an extended period in Paris, where he engaged with the lyrical informel of Hans Hartung and George Mathieu. From 1951, he painted tachistic synthetic resin paintings with a clear reference to the figurative. He became a member of the Secession. Through the integration of scriptural elements in his exploration of Lettrism, Staudacher developed his specific, singular style of painting in Austria, which is based on a poetic connection of image and script. Since the early 1960s, Staudacher consistently developed an abstract painting style in which the spontaneous gesture is the central theme. In 1964, Staudacher organized a sensational event, a "burning of paintings" outside the Vienna Secession as a protest against the audience's ignorance.

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