Günther Uecker

Günther Uecker, born on March 13, 1930, in Wendorf near Crivitz, is a renowned German painter and object artist, famous for his relief-style nail art. His career began with an apprenticeship as a painter and carpenter, followed by studies in Wismar and at the Berlin-Weißensee Art Academy. In 1955, he continued his studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, where he became a member of the ZERO art group in 1961.

Uecker's distinctive nail artworks first emerged in 1956/1957 and went on to become internationally recognized masterpieces. In the 1960s, he expanded his artistic range by affixing nail reliefs to everyday objects. In addition to his artistic pursuits, he taught at the Düsseldorf Art Academy from 1974 to 1995.

Political and environmental themes entered Uecker's works from the 1980s, including his "Ash Paintings" in response to the Chernobyl disaster. In 2008, he co-founded the ZERO Foundation to promote the ZERO art movement. Uecker resides in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel and St. Gallen, and his works, particularly his nailed reliefs, command high prices in the art market.

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