Franz Ringel

Dionysisch. Aus Leibeskräften

After solo exhibitions with works by Wolfgang Herzig and Robert Zeppel-Sperl, Franz Ringel was the third representative of the group Realities, which will be shown in a solo show with this presentation by the gallery Suppan Fine Arts. The arc of extraordinary works spans over three decades. A catalog accompanied the exhibition.

"Working in intoxication, transgressing boundaries, obeying the innate genius." The painter Franz Ringel came very close to this ideal. His art and life were so interwoven that they shook each other. That is why the principle of authentic vitality has been shaping his work. For the philosopher and anti-romantic Friedrich Nietzsche, the model for an art of liveliness was the ancient Greeks, who had succeeded in transforming the instinctive urbane cults, intoxication and festivity into artistic expression. In Nietzsche's view, this primitive and instinctual side of man, who wants to unite himself in ecstasy with the world, called him "Dionysian" according to the god of wine. Dionysian motivated in exactly this sense is the work of Franz Ringel. The exceptional artist painted out of a real effort, out of physical forces. This dynamic is noticeable in all the works of his creative work. The exhibition "Dionysisch. Aus Leibeskräften", Ringel's complete works are positioned with regard to this dynamic.

The work, which is deeply Austrian in its art-historical conditions and is always up-to-date in its power, appears in this extensive show with, among other things, museum-like, incomparable works.

Opening Speaker: Dr. Klaus A. Schröder, Director Albertina Museum
Location: Palais Coburg, Seilerstätte 3C, 1010 Vienna

Installation views