Intuit Distance

Showroom Opening


Exhibition Duration

11 October - 10 December 2022


Doblhoffgasse 7, 1010 Vienna


+43 1 535 535 4

The exhibition “Intuit Distance” is organized in dedication to the opening of a new location of the Suppan gallery at the former newspaper printing house in the Doblhoffgasse. The title of the exhibition, “Intuit Distance”, reflects the main concept of the show and also implies the intricate architectural planning of the gallery. Two different levels –basement and the ground floor – which are connected by a 100 years old spiral staircase, merge together into an organically sited exhibition which is unified by 11 international artists working in distinct artistic fields (installations, sound installation, video, photography,
paintings, drawings). The interplay between materiality, visuality and sound creates a mental landscape within which the viewers can situate themselves and become involved in an experience of different sensations. The exhibition features a constellation of works by artists from the Suppan gallery and invited artists. Visual and conceptual characteristics of the works differ, but they are bound together by the joint intuited theme - concealed distance which might be perceived and experienced in a rather poetic way.

Exhibition Views