"For a long time I have been interested in the idea of fragmentation, mainly in relation to the human face and body. Seeing more than one level of reality or revealing the illusion of our visual perception. I painted people as if seen through structured glass, distorted, fragmented. Who is behind the glass? what is the layer we are looking through? What does it mean to be inside or outside? Architecture also deals with this question. Especially Bauhaus and the so called International Style are about dissolving the boundaries between inside and outside. With the use of large glass surfaces, nature and architecture intertwine. In my paintings the flowing, intuitive brushstrokes are like the nature element that goes into a dialogue with the more controlled, photo based image of this geometric, minimalistic architecture. Most of the people in my paintings are alone, framed and protected by walls. These artificial spaces define our modern lives. We constructed our fragmented reality leaving many with a longing to go back to the source; dissolving into nature." Dénesh Ghyczy

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