Dorota Sadovska

Dorota Sadovská, born in 1973 in Bratislava, is one of the most important representatives of the contemporary Slovak art scene and has been operating far beyond the borders of her homeland for many years.The body as a malleable material of art determines the concept of the artistic work of Dorota Sadovská. In her hyperrealistic painting, the thought is animated by the aspect of the physical condition in the unconventional, often seemingly painful or pleasurable poses of her nudes. She plays with gender ambiguity in the gender surfing of her androgynous appearing protagonists. Consumerism and its effect on gender-specific body awareness are evident as strategies in their art with themes such as identities, norms and roles in a distinctive and unique way. For example, in the series Yellow Heaven, sacral figures such as Sebastian, Mary Magdalene, Thomas Aquinas, Cäcilie u.a. but also Adam and Eve in each case into a kind of two-dimensional sculpture, which shows the occupation of the individual with his own human body. Sadovská's works has been exhibited and acquired by several museums such as the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum near Bratislava.

Selected works